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Meet the Camp Horses


Howdy there, my name is Bella, but some of the girls call me slowpoke. I guess you could say I am slow and steady. I have captured everyone’s heart here on the ranch.


I am for sure one of the favorites around the barn, due to my good looks and charming personality. I treat all the young and beginner riders every well, as I am gentle and quiet.


I come with quite a resume. Not only am I a talented roping horse, but I have also qualified many young ladies to the National High School Rodeo Finals. I run consistent 19-20 second pole patterns and am a nice barrel horse. I love being in the camp program and help the advanced riders tune their skills.

Check out this impressive run by our very own, Ace.


I was Amy’s Pro Rodeo back up horse for three years. I am now her daughters Junior Rodeo horse. I enjoy helping out with camps and teaching campers more about the sport of Rodeo.


I am every girl’s dream. I love to trail ride and spend time with all my human buddies. My favorite activity is to be painted. You have to admit; I am pretty!


The best part about camp is all the extra fun I get to have. I love teaching beginners who are just learning to ride, and of course, extra treats!


I am a favorite of campers and students; I am calm and quiet and ready for any adventure. I love everything from a trail ride to ring work!


Call me “old faithful” in my prime I was a Rodeo horse, but I would rather slow down now. I am very smooth and love teaching young riders how to rope. I also get lots of giggles when we ride to the lake, and I go snorkeling.


I get my name from all the little buttons covering my white blaze. I have traveled a long way to be a camp horse. I was born in Arlee, Montana and as a young horse was used to help gather cattle on a Ranch. I can be as slow as a turtle or as fast as a hare.


I used to be a very accomplished reining horse, but now I am here to help campers learn to ride and have fun adventures on the trails. I am very sweet and lovable!


I may be small, but I am mighty! I am used by Amy’s daughter, Juliana for Junior Rodeos. Her favorite way to show me affections is braiding my long mane and tail. I have some get-up and go but am very kind.


Talk about Wit and Charm; I have it all! I am very playful and live life to the fullest. Everybody enjoys riding me; I am also a skilled barrel racing horse.


Meet Mr. Gorgeous, and by the way, I am the most humorous boy on the ranch as well. I am willing and kind and am just learning about this “Rodeo” stuff!


Give me a young rider, and I will teach them all they need to know about riding and loving a horse! I also have been used in Junior Rodeos, but camps are way more fun for me!